About Us

Thardeep Microfinance Foundation (TMF) has its origins since 1998 as community loans provider. These loans were given out by Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) initially in Tharparkar, which extended to other districts of Sindh.  By October 2016, TRDP’s Microcredit programme had converted into an independent organization, registered under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984 with an equity of Pak Rupees 647 Million. In persuading the SECP regulation requirements, TMF sought NBFC License exclusively to perform as a financial services provider.

The goal of company is to help unbanked/unserved micro-entrepreneurs increase their income through doorstep microfinance services without collateral. The company provides a variety of financial products to help equip clients with the knowledge and skills required to reduce poverty and drive sustainable development.
Our Core Values
To our clients:
Build confidence in clients’ abilities and provide wide-ranging support
To our employees:
Provide an open platform and opportunities to use their skills and expertise
To society:
Encourage development of financial services especially for rural women at the grassroots level to help eradicate poverty and support community development in rural areas.

Support OUR Today at +(92) 232261237 or email info@tmf.org.pk

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