Alternative Energy

The majority of rural areas of Pakistan do not have access to national grid system. Incase who have the access to electricity from the grid system face frequent interruption and long hours of load shedding.

Whereas, on the other hand we have, in Pakistan ten long hour availability of sunlight. The households in the rural/urban areas who face or do not have access to electricity may opt for alternate energy source. They can afford to meet the energy requirement through solar energy. The solar energy shall be contributing in household chore activities as well as economical activates impacting the wellbeing of their families.

Thardeep Microfinance Foundation offers loan to rural as well as urban clients to shift their energy needs to solar source of electricity where by TMF assures safe, reliable and affordable prices from approved venders/suppliers by the World Bank and Government of Pakistan. The product ranges from:

  1. Home-based Solar System
  2. Running enterprise,
  3. Extracting water for agriculture
  4. For Safe Drinking Water
Loan Eligibility
  • Age between 18 to 65 year
  • Valid CNIC of borrower
  • Valid CNIC of Guarantor
  • Must be a permanent resident of same place from last 2 years
  • Social/Tangible Guarantee as per policy
Lending MethodologyIndividual
Loan AmountMinimum Loan Amount: 30000

Maximum Loan Amount: 500000

Loan DurationMinimum: 12 months

Maximum: 24 Months

Repayment FrequencyMonthly/Quarterly/Six Monthly/ Lumpsum
Collateral/Tangible GuaranteeUp to Loan amount of Rs. 100,000

Requirement of Guarantor

Non-Family Member

Bank cheques and statement as per loan policy and procedure

Guarantor must be a Government employee or Market shop keeper

Disbursement and RecoveryBio metric disbursement in 1 to 3 days after the appraisal

Easy repayment through ADCS channel and Mobile account

InsuranceClient Life covered as per loan Amount